Supremely flexible
Covers all types of assets
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Case Studies

Who better to tell you what Ultimo’s EAM does for our customers than our customers themselves? Our 2000+ customers are active in the industry, logistics, healthcare, infra and utilities sectors all over the world. We are very proud that they use Ultimo to achieve considerable results. Have a look!

  • Centralizes all data
  • Automated reporting
  • Optimizing collaboration between departments
  • High degree of flexibility
Ultimo at Agristo: revolutionising the maintenance operation
Contains video
  • 5% increase in uptime.
  • One, simple-to-use EAM system used across all sites.
  • A clear set of maintenance data to use to benchmark progress.
  • A solution Agristo can easily customise to its needs.
Ultimo at Arteco Total: power of integrated maintenance & safety
Arteco Total
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
Specerijenspecialist AVO-Werke optimaliseert assetmanagement en auditprocessen met Ultimo
  • Clear visibility over asset condition and efficient order management
  • Improved reporting and documentation
  • Enhanced ease of use and quick user acceptance
  • Paper-free operation with Ultimo Go+
  • An ROI of about 2 years
  • Considerable time saved in work preparation
  • More efficient execution of maintenance
  • Interface with Viewport to find info quickly
  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
Bristol Port Company
  • A future-proofed, integrated & centralized EAM system
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety
  • Better visualization of (non-)hazardous work
  • Complete control over the data collected, enabling better business decisions
  • Ability to customize and configure Ultimo following continuous improvement initiatives
  • More flexible and better maintenance and management with Ultimo EAM.
  • Integrations with the Esri GIS platform and Sharepoint for an efficient workflow.
  • Time savings and better quality through online and offline mobile working.
Erasmus MC
  • An external audit, by the IGJ or certifying bodies, can demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Medical Technology Covenant.
  • Annual savings of 130 to 160 man hours.
  • No more double entry of maintenance and test data.
  • Maintenance work can no longer be forgotten with active notifications to Logic Medical’s medical technicians.
Streamlining maintenance processes & support safety with Ultimo EAM
Contains video
  • 20% higher productivity by working on the go in the park with the app Ultimo GO.
  • Using the software has also contributed to fundamental improvements in the department.
  • More efficiency obtained by getting rid of other applications and integrating more work in Ultimo.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction because of an easier way of working.
  • Be able to better demonstrate performance of maintenance department.
  • Draw meaningful conclusions from collected data.
  • Save 10% on maintanence costs.
  • Better prepared for important audits.
Ultimo at Group of Butchers: saving time and costs
Group of Butchers
  • Developing and implementing one clear and efficient working method.
  • Recording and analysing as much data as possible.
  • Converting data into efficiency and cost savings.
Ultimo at HAL Allergy: unlocking new resources
HAL Allergy
  • Enhanced efficiency and cost-control
  • Simplified maintenance management
  • Easily customisable solution to meet changing requirements
  • A clear way to display vital validation and calibration documentation
Contains video
Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam
  • Fully integrated maintenance and stock management
  • One solution for the required management information
  • Robust link with ERP system Oracle
  • Return on Investment of 2 years
Ultimo at Kisuma Chemicals: Reducing the downtime by 40%
Contains video
Kisuma Chemicals
  • 40% less downtime with well thought-out FMECA registration
  • Safety lifted to a higher level
  • Production, Maintenance and Safety all speak the same language
  • Major efficiency gains because of considerable steps in digitisation
Contains video
London Gatwick
  • 25% efficiency gains
  • Productivity has been increased
  • Make the right decisions to maximise the value of assets
  • Administrative load has been diminished
Maasvlakte Oil Terminal
  • Much better registration of information and knowledge
  • Quickly finding information (for audits)
  • Significant overall efficiency improvement
  • Reduce the distance between departments
Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

Experts from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) approached Ultimo in early 2018 to become one of their technology partners to deliver their Factory In A Box project (FIAB). This was enabled through the Smart Manufacturing Accelerator framework designed to reduce time to market for leading-edge technologies within UK businesses along with Catapult UK.

Martini Hospital
  • Work done by external parties is more efficient
  • Uniform working processes
  • Working on the go with the app Ultimo Go makes life easier
  • Working as a real team with the software, as team Martini
Ultimo at Migros Zürich optimises workshop processes
Contains video
Migros Zürich
  • Lean management processes.
  • Faster and more efficient workshop and maintenance processes.
  • Easy access to key data on vehicles and fleet maintenance/repair expenses.
  • All information in one place – centrally-managed transparent documentation.