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IFS launches EAM Trend Report

The IFS EAM Trend Report presents a unique insight into current and future developments within the Enterprise Asset Management market. 430 asset managers participated across industries, supplemented by in-depth interviews with leading industry experts. The result is a detailed overview of EAM trends based on quantitative and qualitative market research.

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EAM Trend Report

Contributions from EAM professionals

  1. Terrence O’Hanlon, Publisher of Reliabilityweb.com;
  2. Matt Newton, Director, Analytics and Optimization, Portfolio Marketing and Ryan Bradley, Director, APM Product Management, AVEVA;
  3. Bas Beemsterboer, EAM Evangelist, IFS;
  4. Daniel Dutton, Senior Vice President of R&D, IFS Cloud Platform;
  5. Chris van den Belt, Team Leader of Product Management and Harmjan Derksen, Director of Product, IFS Ultimo.

Unique Insight

The results reflect an urgent need to increase productivity, optimize plant conditions, and minimize downtime while meeting sustainability goals. At the same time, competitive market conditions necessitate strict cost controls while adhering to health, safety, and environmental protection (HSE) regulations.

Attaining these objectives becomes even more complicated due to a lack of transparency and collaboration, poor documentation, and limited access to data and knowledge. This is where EAM technology matters most. This report offers the latest insights to inspire maintenance and asset management professionals to use  their challenges to fuel positive change and digital transformation.

Two powerful and flexible EAM solutions

IFS Cloud EAM & IFS Ultimo

IFS offers two powerful and flexible EAM solutions: IFS Cloud EAM and IFS Ultimo, ideal for handling the complex asset demands of asset intentive organizations. Our breadth of capabilities supports both current and future needs. Reduce the number of systems used to track and manage assets and employ the best interface for your environment.

IFS Cloud EAM is a flexible asset management solution with AI embedded, ideal for handling complex asset demands. The solution is composable, so you can easily combine it with project management, financials, supply chain, optimized maintenance scheduling and other ERP and FSM capabilities.

IFS Ultimo is a pure-play EAM SaaS solution with a fast time to value. The Ultimo software combines out-of-the-box industry solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics, and Healthcare with supreme flexibility and offers a fully integrated EHS suite.

Data-driven decision-making

Offering the latest insights

The EAM trend report offers the latest insights to inspire maintenance and asset management professionals to use their challenges to fuel positive change. It’s clear that data-driven decision-making, optimal cross-team collaboration and smart use of technology are of vital importance, now and in the future.

IFS is Global Market Leader in EAM!

IFS listed as #1 in 2022 Global EAM Market Share By Revenue for the second consecutive year in a Gartner® report.