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Why partner with IFS Ultimo?

IFS Ultimo’s go-to-market model offers an unmatched opportunity for partners. We enable you to build a practice around the powerful combination of IFS Ultimo’s solutions and your professional services.

IFS Ultimo’s partner principles

IFS Ultimo stands out from all other EAM vendors in the way we work (together). It’s in our DNA. How? Let us explain it to you. We have captured it in three principles.

Our partners are our colleagues:
We offer you a single point of contact and the same facilities and resources as IFS Ultimo colleagues.

Pragmatic and result-driven:
When you are successful, we are successful. Let’s go for your success as soon as possible.

Continuous improvement:
You can determine your individual partner’s growth path and are able to enlarge and improve your business continuously.

Why our current partners work with IFS Ultimo?

  • Our excellent reputation in the Enterprise Asset Management sector;
  • Our agile and flexible way of working;
  • Easy access to specialists for support; we see partners as our colleagues;
  • Pragmatic and result-driven. We aim to work towards shared success A.S.A.P.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Jordi REY, CEO Logitek
“Together with IFS Ultimo, we cover the maintenance part of that digital transformation and we now offer a complete and integrated solution. This partnership with IFS Ultimo is the easiest business agreement I have made in the last ten years. They are highly professional, and they move fast. As a result of this partnership, we expect Logitek to grow an extra 10% this year.”

Patrick Navarro, CEO Inoteam
“We share not only a vision for customer requirements but also an entrepreneurial spirit and a pragmatic approach. We work as one team to make our customers successful.”

Alessandro Bertoli, Portfolio & Solutions Manager at Wonderware Italia
“We constantly evaluate new opportunities to extend our portfolio to be able to satisfy more customer’s needs. We believe that the best performance can be reached by empowering people, from operators up to management with the proper information, given timely and accurately. Extending our portfolio, with IFS Ultimo, allows us and our customers to accelerate this journey to the future.”

Your facilities

IFS Ultimo offers an innovative and attractive partner program. It contains all the ingredients that you need to be successful with IFS Ultimo. We highlight them below.

IFS Ultimo Academy: E-learning for your consultants
Our Academy team will ensure that your consultants and specialists will be equipped with all the knowledge they need to advise and implement IFS Ultimo software in the field.

Sales and Marketing content
We have an extensive library of sales and marketing content available for you as a partner,  such as powerpoints, customer cases, demo videos, leaflets, and much more.

Sales playbook
Our easy-to-use Sales Playbook will help you in getting to know and how to sell IFS Ultimo.

Partner portal
Provides features to manage account information, lead registration and gives you access to the IFS Ultimo software and cloud environment.

Partner community
We facilitate an online partner community, which has the objective to support contact between partners and  IFS Ultimo and stimulate communication and best practices between our partners.

You profit from joint marketing opportunity’s like events, webinars, content, advertising and much more.

IFS Ultimo Marketplace
You are able to showcase your own certified IFS Ultimo solution on the IFS Ultimo Marketplace, which is the central platform for all IFS Ultimo-related integrations, add-ons, and products.

Happy to help you at any time
Kris Sage Sales Director

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