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Cookie statement

During a visit to the Ultimo website, details of visitors are being collected and saved. To this end, we use cookies. You can read on this page what kind of information is collected and what we do with the information. Furthermore, we give you an explanation about what you can do if you do not want to accept cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed through your browser on your computer’s hard disk when you visit the websites of Ultimo. Cookies may have a number of functions, like

  • Remember the log on name, or settings, so custom-made information can be presented to you
  • Your preferences are saved, so you only have to specify them once
  • Cookies help select advertisements that match your specific interests

Cookies are perfectly safe and never used to retrieve private information, like passwords

Types of cookies

  • Necessary – these cookies are necessary to surf websites.
  • Functional – the website uses them to remember the choices you made when you visited the site. For instance they save preferences like text size and font
  • Analytical – these cookies collect information about the behaviour on the website, like what pages you visit often. These data help optimise websites and their navigation. They are also used to track how you arrived on the site. The cookies do not save information with which your identity can be discovered and the data remains anonymous
  • Marketing – these cookies track a user over a longer period of time and on different websites; they build up a profile of the user. This can be used to segment information about a user for specific interests. These cookies enable publishers to serve adverts targeted at a user’s interests. An ad network places cookies on the computer of the user through a site of another party. This cookie can be read by the network on that website within the ad network

What cookies are used by Ultimo?

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Name cookie Type cookie Function of the cookie
Act-On Beacon Marketing These cookies are used to submit the right message at the right moment to the right person; this way we can inform our visitors to the website, our mailing subscribers and other interested people as best as possible.
Facebook Marketing Facebook cookies are used to analyse and improve traffic on the website concerning ads, and to link visitor data if they want to share or like one of our web pages.
Google Analytics Audiences Marketing These cookies are for analysing traffic on the website, to improve ads on Google.
Google AdWords Marketing These cookies register when the visitor reached our site through an advertisement. Google AdWords is also used to show relevant ads on another website, based on interests and website usage.
Google Analytics Analytic These cookies register the visitor behaviour on our website. We register the way the visitor reached our website.
Google Dynamic Remarketing Marketing We use these cookies to show relevant advertisements on other websites based on interest and website behaviour.
Google Tag manager Functional Google Tag manager is used to manage and modify all tools used for our website.
Hotjar Analytic This registers and analyses the behaviour of visitors to the website.
LinkedIn Marketing LinkedIn cookies are used to analyse and improve traffic on the website concerning ads, and to link visitor information if they want to share or like one of our web pages;

Cookies can be stored for 30 minutes to 2 years.

What if you do not want to accept cookies?

Cookies enhance the user experience on our website. They do not save private information or passwords. However, if you do not want to allow the use of cookies you can turn them off like this:

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