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In the logistics sector, providers not only bring goods from A to B, but are often involved in more complex logistics. Take for example port operators and shipping companies. They are responsible for (a part of) chain management. Creating added value and efficient work is always necessary. How can you make sure your assets and facilities are managed cost-consciously? Do you see all the signals your assets give? And listen to them?

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Logistics service providers

The best process support for maximum availability of assets

As logistics service provider, you are working round the clock to have your processes run as efficiently as possible and with as little delay as possible. This makes you dependent on goods, the efforts of your personnel and all your assets. Let’s look at those assets, meaning properties, equipment but also your IT resources and fleet. How can you get a grip on all these assets and make sure they do not interrupt your primary process?

Software by Ultimo is a tool that offers you:

  • Control over the entire facilities and maintenance process
  • Cost control options
  • Optimal availability of your assets
Service Centre

Administrative management and maintenance management

The transport sector, after having had some difficult years due to the economy, is back on the rise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that prices and margins will be restored. Businesses active in this sector will have to consider the efficiency of their business operations carefully. How do you organise all the administration and accounting that is generated by your fleet?

Increase overview of your administration

For example, contract management, insurances, invoicing, damages and fuelling. Our Fleet Management software provides you with all the necessary tools to increase the overview of your administration in a structured way.

An important part of your business is the work done in the workshop. How do you manage the maintenance work? Do you perform any service work for others? Ultimo means you are always up to date on all your activities. Whether we are talking about MOT, fleet maintenance, invoicing or stock control.

With Ultimo Software:

  • You stay in control of your entire fleet, both administratively and in terms of maintenance.
  • You get exact insight into the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your vehicles.
  • You work more efficiently and use your fleet more sustainably.

The way to higher availability and lower costs in the transport sector

In a sector with often slim profit margins, it is crucial to keep maintenance and repair costs in check. Fleet managers have to stay on top of their company assets to limit downtime, control costs and increase the productivity of the vehicles. In our whitepaper ‘EAM for fleet management and maintenance: the key to better profits in the transport sector’, we explain how you get the insight you need to make well-informed decisions to improve availability, simplify HSE management and reduce the risks for profitability. Download the whitepaper.

EAM for fleet management and maintenance: the key to better profits in the transport sector

Safety regions: an integrated approach pays off

No two safety regions are the same. But generally speaking their operations are a complex interplay of business processes. After all, different managements and services from different cities in a certain region collaborate. Coordination and overview with professional managers of properties, service providers, maintenance and fleet management, and IT resources management are very important to keep a grip on availability and costs. What do you gain when only one system is required?

EAM Software

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