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Implementation & consultancy

As soon as we are ready for the implementation of the software you will see that it is rolled out in a structured manner. This way we control the process and the eventual result. Committed and knowledgeable. We are, after all, a great crowd of process thinkers and software developers. We design it and we produce it. Everything to improve the management of your assets and processes.


Control both process and result

The Ultimo implementation methodology (U&I²) is based on our experience in implementing software since 1988 and our project management methodology PRINCE2®. This methodology is very pragmatic and the approach of the project is in manageable phases: preliminary stage, project initiation phase, realisation phase, and project completion. Optimum communication between members of the project group is very important.

The combination of our flexible standard software and the diversity of our customers and users makes a flexible approach advisable. Our implementation methodology, just like our software, uses a ‘best practice standard model’ which is adapted to your specific customer requirements with regard to building blocks and approach.

Advantages of this approach:

  • Both smaller and larger implementations are performed in a professional manner. Always practical and useful.
  • Your account manager and consultant are always involved in the project.
  • Collaboration is key. We collaborate primarily with you and your employees. Collaboration with others is of course also possible, for example consultants or consultancy firms.

Committed process thinkers. Reliable software designers.

During the implementation we limit ourselves to one consultant or a fixed group of consultants. This means that the consultants can really immerse themselves in your specific requirements. We have divided our consultants into different groups according to the field and application possibilities of our software. They have an extensive general knowledge but also lots of specific knowledge which they share with you.

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