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Environment & Energy

If you want to offer your customers innovative solutions, investment is the way to go. In equipment, assets and fleet. To remain profitable and even increase your turnover, your business management needs to be as ‘lean’ as possible. Ultimo software allows you to listen to what your assets are telling you. It will professionalise your Asset Management and result in the best production process possible. With the lowest number of disruptions and failures possible.

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Asset Management software to improve your competitive edge

The energy sector is evolving rapidly with sustainability high on the agenda. It’s a true energy transition. Work in the energy sector? Then find out what Ultimo offers to improve your own sustainability and improve your competitive edge. All your assets and facilities tell their stories. The question is: do you have the software to listen.

How will you profit from Ultimo?

  • More insight into and control over your assets and efficient maintenance.
  • Downtime reduction, performance improvement and lifespan extension of your assets.
  • Also available to manage your vehicles, property and IT assets.
Environment (waste)

Control over your assets and facilities with comprehensive software

About 60 billion kilograms of waste are produced in the Netherlands each year. Nearly 80% is recycled by waste disposal companies. The remainder is largely used for generating sustainable energy. How does professional Asset Management contribute to a circular system?

Efficiently setting up the waste disposal process

The efficient setup of the waste disposal process is your job. Performance improvement is commonplace to realise the best profit margin possible. Need to minimise unplanned downtime of your assets? Ultimo as a solution for asset management gives you a better grip on your maintenance process, keeping your production process out of the danger zone. Work ‘smart’ towards predictive maintenance, decrease the number of unwanted surprises and improve your competitive position as well as your profit margin.

Using Ultimo results in:

  • More insight into and control over your assets and efficient maintenance.
  • Downtime reduction, performance improvement and lifespan extension of assets.
  • Various options to use the same software to support your buildings, IT assets and fleet.

Complete Enterprise Asset Management support

Ultimo EAM software has a wide range of features in the areas of Maintenance, Safety (HSE), Medical Asset, Infra Asset, IT Service and Facility Management. Based on practical use in collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. Combined into one ingenious EAM system in which all your assets provide you with their information. One platform, filled to the brim with signals. Especially the critical ones.

EAM Software

Comprehensive Asset Management for environmental services

Managers in environmental services have to optimise capital-intensive assets. This whitepaper explains how Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is the key to efficiently handling the complexity of assets and processes in the sector.

Total asset management for the environmental services sector

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