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We efficiently support and monitor CIREX's entire machine park.

It’s been years since CIREX started to use Ultimo Maintenance Management. So maintenance can be more effective and secure.

High and constant quality

CIREX is one of the largest ‘lost-wax’ steel-casting companies in the world. They produce complex casting with extreme precision used in car and truck industries, aviation, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, to name but a few. It was an excellent choice to start using a maintenance management system. The main reasons for CIREX to use maintenance software were:

  • automatically generating periodical maintenance tasks;
  • building up a maintenance history per installation;
  • benefiting from improved collaboration between production, engineering and maintenance.

The added value of the entire maintenance history

Having the maintenance history at their fingertips is of great added value to CIREX. It means knowledge, time and costs spent are registered and can be retrieved easily by Ultimo Maintenance Management. Registered information is very useful when planning and executing periodical maintenance. Ultimo is used to obtain the highest possible degree of reliability of the production facilities. All while staying within the maintenance budget.

“All mechanical operators are happy with Ultimo because it is straightforward to use. They can quickly see the tasks to perform in a well-ordered view, and afterwards they easily register their work and hours with a couple of clicks. Ultimo is indispensable for registering and sharing technical knowledge.”
Wim Linker

Recent cases

  • Adoption of an enhanced cloud-based EAM solution
  • A more intuitive and responsive system
  • Improved visibility of all maintenance-related activities
  • High user uptake on the system across the organization
AZ Delta
  • Easy provision of Safety Instruction Cards
  • Insights into what is held where
  • Added (service) value for all
  • Improved capacity planning for the long term
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Kris Sage Sales Director