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Spice specialist AVO-Werke optimises asset management and audit processes with Ultimo

AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH is a market-leading spice specialist, serving many major food manufacturers, B2B operators in the food trade, and artisan butchers across Europe. The company produces approximately 50,000 tonnes of raw herbs and spices annually and boasts a portfolio of around 8,000 products, including organic and processed spices, spice blends, marinades, seasoning sauces, and dressings as well as food processing products such as nets and casings for ham and sausages.


Ultimo at AVO-Werke: a simple overview of maintenance

At AVO’s sites, the technical department is responsible for maintenance activities. It had become evident that the existing system could no longer support its needs. The company, therefore, required a new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.

For this reason, AVO wanted a solution that would cover all vital asset management processes and offer a simple user interface to allow quick uptake amongst employees and enable a mobile and largely paperless operation. After a thorough review, the company decided to introduce Ultimo at AVO-Werke. During the introduction process, it worked closely with Ultimo’s consultants to adapt the software to its specific requirements and made further updates using Ultimo’s customisation tool.

“The new EAM solution in general allows us to be more flexible, working on the computer and processing orders on mobile devices using the Ultimo Go+ app. In conclusion, the Ultimo EAM platform organises all our maintenance processes much better!”

Challenges the company faced:

  • Previous solutions unable to support future challenges
  • Mobile working not possible
  • Poor control over asset management and maintenance processes
  • Managing spare parts difficult, with no visibility of available stock

Results AVO-Werke achieved:

  • Clear visibility over asset conditions and efficient order management
  • Improved reporting and documentation
  • Enhanced ease of use and quick user acceptance
  • Paper-free operation with Ultimo Go+
  • A flexible and easily customisable solution
  • Better cost control for maintenance and spare parts management
  • Accurate inventory overview of spare parts stock
  • More efficient audit processing
"We get an excellent overview of the condition of our plants, which enables us to reduce downtime.”
Denis Roor

Recent cases

Van Merksteijn International
  • Periodical maintenance work is more streamlined.
  • More insight into the condition of the assets.
  • More complete picture of the maintenance costs.
  • More control over stock management of the warehouses and spare parts.
Broshuis B.V.
  • A savings of at least 1 FTE in time thanks to Ultimo.
  • Accelerating quality checks of > 1,500 assets with 60% to 70% time savings.
  • Ultimo Premium has brought the technical department, Improvement Team and the SHEQ department even closer together.
  • Overall quality and safety improvement.
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