Supremely flexible
Covers all types of assets
Unmatched ROI

EAM Brochure

With IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, you gain a better grip over your assets, realize higher uptime, control costs, and create a safe and healthy working environment. IFS Ultimo is well known for its rapid deployment, ease of use, seamless integrations, and unparalleled time to value. Download the EAM brochure to learn more about the IFS Ultimo.

Download our EAM Brochure

Improve maintenance, safety & collaboration

IFS Ultimo gives manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare organizations, a flexible solution for all your asset maintenance and health & safety needs. A system that can grow with your organization and your needs. All in line with the size, maturity, and budget of your organization. It provides you with the certainty of a fitting solution in every situation.

IFS Ultimo software is fully scalable. You can now choose from different subscriptions (you can find the details on our website). With predefined industry solutions for a guaranteed best-practice solution for your branch. Out-of-the-box and incredibly flexible at the same time. Experience unparalleled ROI because of short implementation processes, seamless integrations, and self-service application management.