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Covers all types of assets
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EAM Modules & Features

Asset Management
The basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation.
CAD Integration
Improve your efficiency with CAD Integration.
Contract Management
Save on unnecessary costs and prevent them.
E-Mail Import
Submitting reports via e-mail.
Energy Management
From insight into the energy consumption to a more sustainable business.
Evaluate and rate your suppliers and assess your contracts
Long-Term Asset Planning
The link between Maintenance, Production and Finance.
Periodical Maintenance
Optimise the performance of your assets with predictive and risk-based maintenance.
Property Management
Understanding you property information is the basis for more.
Anticipate the future and plan your replacements.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Smart Images
Add intelligence to your images of assets or rooms.
Stock Management and Purchase
Prevent out-of-stock situations by keeping a minimal stock.
Stop Planning
Easily plan, move and change activities.
Ultimo Go
Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go.

EHS Suite

EHS Incident Management
Avoid critical risks with EHS Incident Management.
Lockout Tagout
Prevent industrial accidents during maintenance activities.
Management of Change
Set up your Management of Change process in a structured and efficient manner.
Product Files
Substantiate choices regarding the purchase of objects.
Shift Handover
Facilitate the communication between operators and maintenance.
Work Permits
Integration between work order and work permit.

Business Information

Dashboards / Reports
Important control information directly available.

Business Integration

Barcode Scanners
Simple and quick registrations.
Test Equipment
Easily meet safety regulations.

Ultimo Configuration Tool

Ultimo Configuration Tool
You can adapt Ultimo to your unique business processes.


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Work with multiple sites in different time zones.

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