Supremely flexible
Covers all types of assets
Unmatched ROI

Maximize wrench time, minimize admin time with IFS Ultimo EAM

We believe happy and productive technicians and operators are the backbone of profitable, sustainable businesses. IFS Ultimo EAM makes the lives of these frontline VIPs easier by minimizing admin time, maximizing wrench time, and automating workflows. Our powerful EAM solution enables more than 100k technicians and operators worldwide to access and process relevant information on the spot.

Improved maintenance operation at Rockfon Chicago “IFS Ultimo has helped break down silos in our organization.”
IFS Ultimo wins Solution Award! The Award for Best Operator Driven Maintenance Solution was presented during RELIABILITY Conference 2024.

One EAM platform.
Dozens of processes.

Ultimo’s software offers rich functionality as standard. It can be applied to planning, monitoring, optimization, execution and tracking of all required maintenance activities. It can be used to manage fixed assets, such as machinery in a processing plant, as well as moving ones, such as trucks, and all the materials, tools and information associated with them. With integrated modules for Environmental, Health and Safety, Operations and IT Service Management. The software is fully scalable and comes in three product versions. Always the right support on desktop, tablet and smartphone, tailored to your needs and your budget.

Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management Software.

How do you maximize the availability of your assets? And how do you automate and simplify your preventive maintenance management processes so your technicians can spend more time fixing your assets versus behind a screen, filling out forms? IFS Ultimo is a Preventive Maintenance Management & safety solution with an unparalleled time to value. Get to know our Preventive Maintenance Management software today!
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Risks. Something you hate. Safety Management software supports you with the inventory and avoidance of risks that concern safety, quality, health and the environment.
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Better cooperation between Production, Maintenance and Safety departments. Smarter use of available capacity. Increase involvement. And better anticipate the information need with first-hand input. Get acquainted with our Operations Suite.
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How do you manage the maintenance work your workshop does? Do you perform any service work for others? Ultimo Fleet Management software means you are always up to date on all your activities.
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Managing and maintaining infrastructural objects comes down to teamwork and the proper coordination of activities. This is why transparency between the infra manager and the contractor is essential.
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Highest level of security
IT Service
The IT environment of your organisation is very valuable. ITSM software immediately provides you with more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to properly adjust your IT policy.
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Healtcare Technology Management
The Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) software by Ultimo is an important aid in the healthcare industry to meet safety requirements. Ultimo has been active in the healthcare industry for decades.
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As Technical service department you focus on the delivery of support services to your organisation. How can you make your facility processes smooth and flawless? And how do you provide more structure in the facility activities?
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CMMS Software
IFS Ultimo CMMS software makes the lives of Maintenance, Safety, and Operations professionals easier by minimizing admin time and optimizing insights at the same time. We focus on usability, flexibility, and the practical utilization of technologies like cloud and AI to increase productivity and job satisfaction continuously. IFS Ultimo CMMS software is well known for rapid deployment and seamless integrations, enabling Manufacturing, Logistics and Healthcare customers to maximize asset availability, control costs, secure health & safety and improve cross-team collaboration. IFS Ultimo differentiates from CMMS vendors because it offers a scalable solution without dead ends. IFS Ultimo customers are supported throughout every stage of their asset management journey.
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We now help over 2,200 customers to optimise the productivity of their teams, maximise asset performance, and guarantee health and safety. Browse our case studies and be inspired by our customers. You can also see how Ultimo has been applied in your sector or zoom in on specific processes.

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