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Combing specific market knowledge with Ultimo software is the value of Ultimo’s certified implementation partners. They have been trained and certified by Ultimo to improve the customer’s business outcomes by connecting people, processes and software.

Ultimo vertical

Additude, with head office in Malmö, Sweden, is part of ICT Group. ICT Group is a leading European industrial technology solutions provider.

Ultimo vertical: Manufacturing
DNA Stream

DNASTREAM – we make Technology useful. Founded in 2006, Our mission is to deliver sustainable business benefit from enterprise solutions. We make sure Customer projects are properly planned and executed but just as importantly, we ensure that stakeholders embrace the process of change and end users are fully equipped and motivated to adopt new technology.

Ultimo verticals: Manufacturing, Utilities

IJssel is an Ultimo partner for various industries in the Netherlands. For example, they run the complete warehouse of Nedmag, from purchase to issue and, if necessary, their flexible and permanent staff.


Impazz is a reliable partner in realising the best possible asset management with the standard Ultimo software for every technical service.

Ultimo vertical: Manufacturing

INOTEAM is a service provider and a system integrator located in France dedicated to EAM & APM business.

Ultimo verticals: Manufacturing, Utilities
MAAK Techniek

MAAK Techniek is a consulting agency in the Northern Netherlands. MAAK Techniek make a difference by giving the customer control over maintenance.

Ultimo verticals: Infra, Manufacturing, Utilities

MaxGrip consultants help asset-intensive companies everywhere to make their assets consistently perform better, which hangs on the correct use of their EAM and APM systems.

Ultimo verticals: Infra, Manufacturing, Utilities

Since 2011, Meditain has been offering care facilities a helping hand with medical technology issues. Meditain helps care facilities to realise coherence between policy, required strategy and an effective implementation in the organisation.

Ultimo vertical: Healthcare

Pontifexx's mission is to improve technical services in the industry so the availability of equipment is guaranteed and work can be done more safely. Pontifexx is the personal consultation agency that uses their various services to connect and improve.

Ultimo verticals: Infra, Manufacturing

SAM&more is a consultancy company from Belgium, of which the founders have years of experience with IFS Ultimo. This experience is both hands on from the client side, as also from an implementation perspective. They will use their practical knowledge about the way-of-working in an asset management department together with IFS Ultimo’s experience and knowledge in EAM systems to provide a best-fit solution to customers in asset intensive verticals.

Ultimo vertical: Manufacturing

With more than 25 years of experience with Ultimo, the STEAM Consultancy team has realised successful EAM implementations and improvement processes for a variety of industrial customers in Western Europe.

Ultimo verticals: Manufacturing, Utilities

The partnership of Ultimo and Talenco lets customers focus on their core activities. Ultimo's part in the partnership is offering the software while Talenco has the technological knowledge to make sure this system meets the needs of the customer.

Ultimo vertical: Manufacturing

Vibber is an expert in the field of Asset Management. Vibber focuses on the management of fleets and machine parks through outsourcing or implementation. Vibber maps the required processes for the best possible implementation. Vibber then optimises and records these processes.

Ultimo vertical: Logistics
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