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I-encountered-this-hitch-and I-have-no-idea questions. Easy-peasy questions. Simple questions. Complex questions. Our Customer Support department is always ready to provide you with the relevant answers, helpful documentation and clever updates of the software. Efficient and customer-friendly.


We are at your service.

When you purchase Ultimo you want the best management and support you can get. After all, you want to enjoy the benefits of the software for a long time. Our expert Customer Support employees are ready to answer your questions, to provide you with documentation and software updates, and to help you in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.

Organising your support issues quickly and digitally?

To improve the ease and efficiency of our support services we also make use of a Customer Portal. In this Customer Portal you can report your cases and track the status of submitted cases. Various other relevant functions are available as well.

A few digital possibilities:

  • Download documentation (manuals, brochures, etc.)
  • Watch videos and presentations
  • Read software release notes
  • Update contact info
  • Live support
Happy to help you at any time
Kris Sage Sales Director