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Ravago continuously benefits from Ultimo in the Cloud

Ravago Group is a world player in the field of Chemical production, Building Solutions, Polymer Distribution, Recycling and Compounding. Ravago serves 30 thousand customers and is active in more than 55 countries.

Standardized way of working

Ravago decided to do a global roll-out of Ultimo as their Enterprise Asset Management system, based on positive experiences, usability, flexibility, and functionalities. Ultimo is used in Europe, America and Asia at 18 plants and the number of plants using Ultimo is rapidly growing.

The Ultimo EAM platform helps to implement a standardized way of working, which is key for the Operational Excellence program. Ultimo enables asset availability, reliability and a safe workplace. An important added value of Ultimo is that it helps to control all the costs, OPEX as well as CAPEX.

Thanks to the cloud deployment, Ravago continuously benefits from the latest features, like the new Job Scheduler and ‘Autonomous Maintenance’. Ultimo from the Azure Cloud enables a flexible and scalable worldwide usage of Ultimo.


  • A standardized way of working, which is key for the Operational Excellence program
  • Higher availability of assets and a safe workplace
  • Better cost control, OPEX as well as CAPEX

Watch the video about the use of Ultimo at Ravago:

Why Ultimo in the Azure Cloud?

Over the last few years, we have seen an increasingly rapid pace of development in IT, infrastructure, and software. How can you focus on your daily work and benefit from the advantages of Ultimo as the most flexible asset management system (possibly in the world) at the same time? Our EAM services in the EAM cloud (also called EAM SaaS) are available for just that. These services, like our software, are based on world-class (Microsoft) technology. With EAM cloud software, also known as EAM SaaS software, you make use of a software tool over the Internet, via a subscription. The supplier is responsible for managing the infrastructure, security patches and updates. With Ultimo EAM cloud software, you benefit from the fact that the standard software is easily adaptable to your business processes.

Recent cases

Van Merksteijn International
  • Periodical maintenance work is more streamlined.
  • More insight into the condition of the assets.
  • More complete picture of the maintenance costs.
  • More control over stock management of the warehouses and spare parts.
Broshuis B.V.
  • A savings of at least 1 FTE in time thanks to Ultimo.
  • Accelerating quality checks of > 1,500 assets with 60% to 70% time savings.
  • Ultimo Premium has brought the technical department, Improvement Team and the SHEQ department even closer together.
  • Overall quality and safety improvement.
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