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The Ultimo Academy is there to support you. Regardless of if you have just started using Ultimo or are an advanced user. With appropriate support like training courses. We would love to have you join us in one of our classrooms. Or we could come to you for a group session or workplace training. The introduction of e-learning also offers you the option to take one of our training courses when and where you want to. Everything is governed by ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’.


Variation and depth

Our training consists of basic courses, modular courses and application management courses.

The basic courses are recommended to all users and application managers in order to acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of the different possibilities of the software. Our modular training courses, in particular, are designed to give a deeper knowledge about a specific topic area. These courses also provide useful guidance on whether a particular element of the software is suitable or needed for your application. Finally, application management courses offer in-depth education about our application and how to generate reports.

On average, our customers rate our training courses 8.4/10.
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