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Manufacturing is, and will remain, a very important sector. Ever since Ultimo was established in 1988, we have supported industries with practical and flexible standard EAM software. Software that helps you get the right information from your assets. And then take the proper actions. Ultimo is very present in the chemistry, food, machinery manufacturing and packaging industries. But there are more industries that experience the benefits of Ultimo! Read more below.


Asset Management software to improve your competitive edge

Most, if not all, companies in the chemical sector require production processes to be as efficient as possible. Performance improvement is commonplace to realise the best profit margin possible. Need to minimise unplanned downtime of your machinery? Ultimo as a solution for asset management gives you a better grip on your maintenance process, keeping your production process out of the danger zone. Work ‘smart’ towards predictive maintenance, decrease the number of unwanted surprises, and improve your profit margin and your competitive edge.

How will you profit from Ultimo?

  • More structured maintenance management and more control.
  • Full support in the fields of Health, Safety & Environment to meet regulations and standards such as SEVESO and ISO.
  • Downtime reduction, performance improvements and lifespan extension for your valuable assets.

Stay in control of your assets with comprehensive EAM software

The food industry cannot afford to rest on its laurels with all these capricious consumers. Not to mention the fierce competition. It’s a matter of staying focused and alert. And at the same time; are you listening to what your assets are telling you? With a wealth of information, you are able to implement improvements in your process control, increasing production efficiency. Structurally recording relevant information helps you meet the requirements of checks and audits for norms and legislation, like HACCP, GMP and ISO. Because food safety is essential for you as well, obviously?

Using Ultimo results in:

  • More control over the execution of maintenance activities, resulting in less unplanned downtime and less production time lost.
  • A decisive overview to implement improvements in process management.
  • More options in terms of Smart Maintenance and Internet of Things to apply and make maintenance increasingly predictable.

Metal & Machine Manufacturing: produce ingeniously and plan smart maintenance

Buyers are demanding and increasingly require more than a standard bulk product. This has consequences for the complexity and diversity of the production process. At the same time the demand for ‘low volume’, smaller series of production, increases. Smart Industry as a concept links the production process to technological innovations like 3D printing, robotics, and automation, i.e. the Internet of Things. The objective is to create sufficient flexibility to always deliver high-quality products against the same costs. However, Smart Industry requires Smart Maintenance. None of your wishes will come true if your assets cannot communicate their availability. So, it is fair to say clever production requires clever maintenance. And at the right time, too. Do you make high-quality machines and offer these to your customers as a service (Product-as-a-Service)? Then you most certainly need a strict maintenance regime to achieve a profitable business model. Contact us to discuss the many things Ultimo Asset Management software can contribute.


Packaging: the best process support for maximum flexibility

An agile production process is necessary to meet the increasing demand for smaller, more unique batches and even personalised packaging. Not only is packaging becoming smaller but also easier to handle. To limit the environmental footprint, not only the materials are considered for suitability, but packaging is also designed to recycle. Is your maintenance process aimed at enabling fast and flexible production?

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