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EAM Maturity Model

The EAM Maturity Model shows the potential growth of Ultimo-running asset management organizations. It guides the transformation from reactive maintenance management to a more proactive and cost-effective asset management structure, integrating functionalities related to environment, health, and safety (EHS) and operations.

EAM Maturity Model

Guidance for your Ultimo implementation

The model provides guidance on how to sequence the Ultimo roll-out and focuses on topics that add the most value in each stage. It can be used to focus and determine the customer’s goal during the sales process or at the start of the Ultimo implementation. It can also serve as an eye-opener for customers who want everything at once, highlighting that the highest levels of EAM maturity can only be reached by starting with the basics.

This model is created from a software vendor’s perspective. The topics shown are related to Ultimo functionalities, making it a perfect fit for current and potential Ultimo customers.

Go to the next level

The left side of the image shows the competencies that asset professionals must possess to guide their organisation to the next level. This demonstrates how growth is tightly linked to the skillset of the employees.

The bar at the bottom visualises the key benefits of a well-implemented EAM system, underlining the role a solid implementation and setup process plays in unlocking them.

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