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Customer Success

First we sat down to consider your processes; to consider all the assets that have to provide information to your organisation. And then we began customising standards, implementing software and we supported, trained and coached. Last but not least, we have our Customer Success Team ready to go. To help you find your way around, and to make your entrance in the world of Ultimo a success. This team works for free. Because, just like you, we feel it is of major importance that you can achieve your objectives.


For a successful launch together

Services of the Ultimo Customer Success Team are solely offered to new customers in a SaaS environment. Our employees will coach your key-users over a number of sessions (four to eight) in the proper use of our software. Subjects are the general operation of the software, the important subject of workflow management and a specific program that is designed for your objectives and the modules you will be using.

Your advantages:

  • Free and proactive coaching to help you begin work with Ultimo successfully.
  • A support program designed for you, and your objectives.
  • A number of sessions over a short period of time, to get up to speed.

So how does this support by the Customer Success Team work?

Your own Customer Success contact will get in touch with you for your first session after the software has been implemented. Sessions are by phone, and we use Team viewer so our consultant can see your Ultimo environment live. The first session is mostly about how the user interface of Ultimo operates. The important subject of workflow management will be dealt with in the second session. The other sessions are for customisations in the program. During these sessions the Ultimo employee will take the initiative and at the end of the session you can fire away with your questions. After these sessions and coaching you will be more knowledgeable about Ultimo, more experienced in working with the software and you will be more confident that you can make working with Ultimo a success.

“The sessions after the implementation with the Customer Success contact were very stimulating. I was able to discuss all my ‘bottlenecks', and these were explained properly. And, an additional benefit is that you are forced to start working with Ultimo properly, so you come prepared to these sessions.”
Jasper Preuter
Happy to help you at any time
Jeremiah Woodford VP Sales Americas