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Food & Beverage

The food industry cannot afford to rest on its laurels with all these capricious consumers. Not to mention the fierce competition. It’s a matter of staying focused and alert. And at the same time; are you listening to what your assets are telling you?

Food & Beverage

Stay in control of your assets with comprehensive EAM software

With a wealth of information, you are able to implement improvements in your process control, increasing production efficiency. Structurally recording relevant information helps you meet the requirements of checks and audits for norms and legislation, like HACCP, GMP and ISO. Because food safety is essential for you as well, obviously?

Using Ultimo results in:

  • More control over the execution of maintenance activities, resulting in less unplanned downtime and less production time lost.
  • A decisive overview to implement improvements in process management.
  • More options in terms of Smart Maintenance and Internet of Things to apply and make maintenance increasingly predictable.

Teamwork 2.0 in the food processing industry

In this whitepaper, we discuss the advantages of better collaboration in the food industry. Through better collaboration and optimal Enterprise Asset Management, you are able to increase uptime and efficiency in a more sophisticated way. We introduce 5 ways to improve communication and take collaboration to the next level. We also describe how production, maintenance management, and QHSE can be optimally integrated to improve the overall productivity and safety of your facilities.

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Uptime and cost control in the food sector

In the food processing sector the cost of downtime can quickly escalate, with research estimating it to average £180,000 per hour. To optimise profits machinery must be maintained in a way that minimises both downtime and costs. Download our free whitepaper that summarises the challenges of the food processing sector and how an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system can address them.

Uptime and cost control in the food sector

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