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All supporting processes managed integrally for CM Health insurance fund.

CM Midden-Vlaanderen is the largest regional health insurance fund of all the CM funds. It has over 500,000 members and a market share of 50%. The fund is present all over Vlaanderen, and with 46 offices there is always an office nearby. CM Midden-Vlaanderen uses Ultimo software to manage all its processes in one platform. Supporting processes for building management, maintenance and IT configurations. As well as reservations, orders and contracts. Processes now managed in an integrated manner.

All supporting processes under one roof

Four health insurers merged to form CM Midden-Vlaanderen Previously all health insurers had their own methods of registering and executing facility processes. And each used its own applications. Even though they all encounter the same problems and have similar processes. Collaboration on one platform was definitely the way to go. The business scan made when Ultimo was considered became the blueprint for one central CAFM.
All supportive processes of the regional health insurers are now recorded in Ultimo software. And there are a lot of processes! For instance property management, maintenance of IT configurations, orders, reservations and contracts. All in one, overarching framework. A huge advantage for customers. They can submit all their applications in one portal.

Results obtained by CM:

  • All facility products and services can easily be viewed using the client portal.
  • Costs, work and knowledge are grouped.
  • Uniform method of working for all offices.
This is hugely beneficial for our customers. They can place orders, report failures, create reservations etc. all in the portal. And we can offer better service, which is very important because our customer always comes first.”
Stijn van de Velde
CM Health insurance fund

  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
  • Standardize processes and terminals are now able to share knowledge with each other
  • The user-friendly system enables VTTI to implement and train users quickly
  • Improved integration between maintenance & safety
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