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Pontifexx, connect and improve

Pontifexx’s mission is to improve technical services in the industry so the availability of equipment is guaranteed and work can be done more safely. Pontifexx is the personal consultation agency that uses their various services to connect and improve. Pontifexx’s roots are in maintenance. Because of the pragmatic approach of their 30 professionals, Pontifexx carries out over 100 improvement projects every year for all industrial sectors all throughout the Netherlands. Pontifexx is very versatile and teaches its customers to build a team in which employees boost each other.

How Pontifexx and Ultimo help you optimise your technical service

The Ultimo software helps with the digitisation of technical services. As Ultimo’s implementation partner, Pontifexx is the only one in the Netherlands in this sector with the digital key to work on the Ultimo software under the hood. In other words: customers purchase the Ultimo software and Pontifexx’s experts then make sure that the technical side of the software is fully up and running.

Pontifexx employs many different people who receive training every year and have the necessary certificates. Quality first. Whereas Ultimo specialises in the software, Pontifexx focuses on technology and people. All three of these are necessary for successful improvements.

Customers are helped sooner because they only have one point of contact; Pontifexx. This means quick reactions and short waiting lists. In addition, Pontifexx’s website is equipped with a customer portal, in which short questions can be asked without requiring the purchase of an entire day of consultancy. The question will be answered within a few days, but some questions may also be solved in only one hour.

Pontifexx is not a software company. They want to help improve technical services and have the specialised knowledge to do so. This means that, where necessary, they solve problems outside of the software modules. Pontifexx’s advice doesn’t just end with the set-up of the software but extends to maintenance in general.

How companies benefit from our partnership

Say a maintenance management system is implemented. To do so, a tree structure is the most important; this forms the structure of the software. But not every technical service knows how to set one up. Pontifexx does. Pontifexx’s experts help brainstorm and give advice. They could say, for example: would it not be wise to remove a step from the process, resulting in a flatter organisation? Or they would give advice on the failure codes. The company may need seven codes instead of five.

Pontifexx’s employees know exactly how to structure the equipment. The point is not to just enter a simple list into Ultimo. Much better to focus on what is and what isn’t necessary on the basis of knowledge and experience. Making the right choices in the field of maintenance. What is —or isn’t — smart to do with maintenance from the perspective of asset life cycles? In order to draw up and manage the right maintenance plans. Together with the customer, Pontifexx looks at how the assets can be maintained and also helps them set up the maintenance. With over 200 successful Ultimo projects in their portfolio, you can count on them to know what you need.

Johan van de Pol, Commercial Manager at Pontifexx about the collaboration with Ultimo

“We both want that producers use their asset potential in the most efficient way. To realise this, it is important that companies use the full potential of their employees and that maintenance is executed in the most effective way. Ultimo has years of experience in this field, thanks to their intuitive software. This helps us in optimising technical services for our customers, which makes our customers even happier.”

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Kris Sage Sales Director