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The partnership of Ultimo and Talenco lets customers focus on their core activities

About Talenco

Talenco reforms and combines traditional services in the industry. Our strong culture and work ethics, combined with our guts to invest in innovative solutions, yield both immediate and long-term returns both technically and technologically. By discovering, developing and sharing industrial solutions, we help our customers evolve economically and socially.

The Talenco Reliability department supports companies in constantly optimising their maintenance activities in terms of the equipment availability. In doing so, we focus on the reliability and maintainability of the technical assets.

Our services focus on three topics:

  • Transformations: Process design and change management of Maintenance & Reliability optimisations
  • Technology: Full support for bespoke system and technology issues
  • Services: Maintenance & Reliability consulting

What benefits do our customers get from this partnership?

Industrial companies need their maintenance program implemented or optimised, but this is not part of this expertise. The partnership of Ultimo and Talenco lets customers focus on their core activities. Ultimo’s part in the partnership is offering the software while Talenco has the technological knowledge to make sure this system meets the needs of the customer.

Partnership leads to more effective maintenance at Standic

Recently, Standic built a new site in Antwerp and chose Ultimo as their software platform for their maintenance optimisation. Ultimo’s software was then also implemented at the sites in the Netherlands.

The structure for the site in Antwerp had to be built from the ground up. On the basis of observations on site, we built up an asset hierarchy. We visualised this for the customer and had it read into Ultimo. Then we decided together with Standic what type of preventive maintenance plan they would like to use. We drew up this plan on the basis of the asset manuals and we made sure to match it to the Ultimo template. After approval from the customer, we implemented the maintenance model in the Ultimo production environment.

The structure of the maintenance plans and inspections have been customised for the different sites so they could be entered in the Ultimo production environment correctly.

Talenco about the partnership with Ultimo

“Talenco optimises the reliability of production equipment by performing daily maintenance activities and reliability services. To realise this, customers require a proper and high-quality maintenance plan. An Ultimo asset management system in the ultimate tool to plan and carry out the maintenance to get the most out of the life cycle of the production equipment.”

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