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Meditain, realise coherence

Since 2011, Meditain has been offering care facilities a helping hand with medical technology issues. Meditain helps care facilities to realise coherence between policy, required strategy and an effective implementation in the organisation.

How Meditain & Ultimo support care facilities in management and maintenance

Many of the projects that Meditain is involved in revolve around the business operations and information requirement of the different departments. Making a link with Ultimo an obvious choice. Meditain makes sure the set-up of Ultimo is perfectly geared toward the required procedure. Meditain is an officially certified implementation partner and the primary point of contact for a group of Ultimo customers in the Dutch health care sector. They can contact Meditain both for questions about management and for new requirements.

Meditain’s team of professionals brings together a treasure trove of knowledge and experience in the field of health care (care & cure), facilities services, IT, project management and of course the Ultimo software. A unique combination that has caused Meditain to grow significantly over the past 10 years. Customers are especially pleased about the smart approach and the fact that together we achieve results quickly. In both cases, we draw up agreements about the approach and the intended result beforehand. The work processes and the information requirement are leading in this, and the software has to support both in the best possible way.

Which customers benefit from our partnership?

With Meditain’s expertise in the medical sector, we can count a large number of hospitals and care facilities throughout the Netherlands among our joint customers.

Rob Schipper, Managing Director of Meditain about the collaboration with Ultimo:

“The communication and cooperation with Ultimo is open and honest. This is also how we communicate with our customers. This leads to the best possible answers to a variety of customer requirements. Our healthcare customers are particularly enthusiastic about our joint and result-driven approach. Ultimo enables us to combine their technical experience with our practical knowledge of health care organisations.”

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