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About SAM&more

SAM&more is a consultancy company who wants to help you optimize your asset management department. We believe this is more than just implementing a software system. It’s driving and guiding a change in the way of working of your department to create sustainable value throughout the company. As we have hands-on experience as technician, work preparator & planner, maintenance & reliability engineer and maintenance manager in multiple industries. We know the challenges that an asset management department faces. We also have a vast experience in creating a standardized multi-site setup of your asset management department. Our name stands for Support, Advice, Maintain & more because we want to be your asset management partner.

Proven experience at multisite customers in asset intensive verticals

SAM&more provides their customers with coaching, best practices and on-the-job teaching to realize their asset management vision. They also offer a structured, documented and future-proof way of working with Ultimo. Like this partnership with IFS Ultimo, they have the aim to become a value added partner for their customers and develop long term relationships with them to help them grow and mature.
They use their practical knowledge about the way-of-working in an asset management department together with IFS Ultimo’s experience and knowledge in EAM systems to provide a best-fit solution to multisite customers in asset intensive verticals. They have proven that they can help multisite companies develop a standardized way of working that can be used as a blueprint to swiftly integrate a new build or acquired company.

Practical knowledge about the way-of-working in an asset management department

Steven Volckaert, Founder and owner of SAM&more, about the partnership :
“During our professional career we already had the pleasure of working with and implementing Ultimo. We have a strong belief in the software and in the people developing the software. Ultimo offers flexibility to the client and has a “work together to improve” mindset which concurs with our mindset and way of working. Our customers benefit from the partnership because of our practical knowledge about the way-of -working in an asset management department together with IFS Ultimo’s experience and knowledge in EAM systems, to provide a best-fit solution.”

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