In your daily operation, you get more control over the costs of work orders if you structurally register the hours, materials, and other costs related to work orders. And by also properly registering the cost units, you also get insight into the costs per cost center and per asset/asset type. Using Intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards, you follow the depletion of your budgets in real-time and you detect the cost drivers in your organization so you can adjust. By having technicians work on the go, the input becomes more reliable and a lot of time is saved because the information is available at the right time. Combined with other smart technologies, like automatically processing meter readings and conditions, you can do more with fewer people.

By optimizing your stock management, you reduce your stock and you prevent out-of-stock situations for critical parts. By purchasing more efficiently and registering your contract management in your system, you increase your savings potential. And the potential is even greater for multisite organizations. Integral Asset Management not only offers options for benchmarking factories but also mainly for sharing data. This makes it easier to exchange spare parts and no longer necessary to keep a minimum stock per location. Reducing stock costs and contributing to sustainability.

You can link orders from Ultimo CMMS software to your financial system for a seamless link between your financial administration and the daily operation. In addition to a balanced whole, this results in cost and time savings with a lower administrative load.

And by also including required hours and materials in your maintenance drafts, you can use all the ingredients to forecast your operational costs.


Besides proper cost control in the daily operation, Ultimo also offers you the option to manage both the execution and the finances of your projects. The ideal way to manage your CAPEX. Because you build up a history in the system, it also supports you with issues regarding maintenance versus replacing. In addition to the technical life span, it is also important to look at other cost drivers such as energy consumption.

If you want to take it a step further and create a comprehensive image of the required investments to continue to operate sustainably, you can use the module Long-Term Asset Planning. With this module, you draw up a long-term budget for life-extending maintenance, renovation, and replacement of assets, based on costs and the state they are in.  The LTAP module is the perfect link between maintenance, production, and finance when it comes to long-term vision.

More returns

The application of EAM software not only helps with cost control but also helps you prevent and anticipate failures and downtimes, which in turn improves the uptime, prevents loss of production and realizes higher returns,

Want to know more about cost control and improving uptime with Ultimo? Or are in you interesting in how your start saving immediately by combining all your maintenance and safety processes in one system with Ultimo?

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