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How to improve your asset management by using the right data?

Axians and Ultimo organize a webinar together, where they will show you how you to take your first steps into smart asset management.

Data is everywhere and is becoming extremely valuable to realize smarter asset management. But where do you begin to get the most out of your data? And what easy first steps can you make to smarten your asset management? We help you to find out where your data is, how we can connect it and what value it bring to your asset management. This way, you are able to shift your asset management to a complete new level.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Whyyou should start monitoring your assets​;
  • Whichbenefits predictive maintenance provides​;
  • How real-time vitalasset data can be transformed to direct vital actions and work tasks ;
  • How youcan start easily with smart asset management​;
  • How someof our current customers benefit from Industrial Internet of Things Solutions​.

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