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Closing the loop between Operations and Maintenance

In this webinar, Ultimo and Good Solutions show you how to align operations and maintenance by connecting Ultimo EAM and RS Production OEE.

Turn Data into Actions!

Ultimo and Good Solutions entered into a technology partnership to help you improve production efficiency by integrating software designed to increase factory profitability and sustainability.

Combining our products improves communication between production and maintenance and enables you to convert production events and insights into timely maintenance actions automatically. The results are clear and improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and reduced response lead times, meaning your machines are up and running faster with fewer stops and losses.

RS Production identifies production losses and acts as the operators’ eyes and ears. As soon as a problem occurs –  like unplanned stops, machine failure or required spare parts – the appropriate action is automatically created in Ultimo’s Asset Management platform, ensuring quick problem-solving to close the operations and maintenance loop.

The webinar will show you:

  • why it’s vital to remove maintenance and production silo thinking;
  • how you can improve Overall Equipment Efficiency, reduce production costs and take control over your machine time;
  • how losses are detected in real-time, such as deviations and machine failures;
  • how losses can be avoided and minimised by automatically taking appropriate and timely action;
  • to make uptime more tangible and enrich your existing Ultimo system with production data;
  • practical examples and a live demo.

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