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More control of Medical Technology

The University Hospital in Brussels is an academic centre for top clinical patient care based on innovation and scientific research. In 2013, the hospital chose to implement Ultimo to support the biotechnical service.

Biotechnology and the JCI accreditation

The software gives the biotechnological service a much better overview of all medical equipment. The information is digitalised, so employees can quickly see when an instrument was purchased, when maintenance is required and when maintenance was executed. The software helps scheduling the right people in the right place. The option to see your own problem areas makes it so you can organise all of your resources in the best way possible.” It allows you to steer through a certification process much more purposefully.

Obtained results:

  • Clear overview of 50,000 medical instruments;
  • Automation of periodical maintenance, inventory management and work order management;
  • Significant added value because of the integration with the OPERA platform.
“Ultimo is an organisation that is big enough to offer security and reliability and at the same time remains flexible. The organisation is very dynamic both in thinking and in how they treat their customers. The integration with our maintenance platform illustrates this.”
Jan Flament
University Hospital Brussels

Recent cases

  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
Arteco Total Belgium
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
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