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Van Merksteijn International implements procurement, maintenance and IT in one system

With more than 70 years of experience Van Merksteijn International is one of the largest producers of reinforcement products and fencing panels in the world. There is a whole lot to coordinate technically when you have a technical service of 48 people strong, nearly 100 production machines, 10,000 parts and a great many external parties. Understanding and information was a must for Van Merksteijn. This is why they chose to manage their procurement, maintenance and IT in one system. This system is called Ultimo.


The decisive factors: ease of use and flexibility

Van Merksteijn International was looking for a maintenance system but did not really know what they wanted. After thorough research, Ultimo Maintenance Management appeared to be a complete match with the requirements of Van Merksteijn. With as decisive factors user-friendliness and the way Ultimo could be customised. And they’re still benefiting today. Thanks to Ultimo, Van Merksteijn can quickly process its tasks. While adapting Ultimo to their company’s needs

Vital information stored in one location

Before Van Merksteijn started using Ultimo it was difficult to keep track of things and to record information. Not recording information, however, was not an option. Now they have one system for their Technical Service, procurement and management of materials and resources. At the same time Van Merksteijn is working on gradually expanding the use of Ultimo. They have now incorporated their IT environment in Ultimo as well. And the next step has been prepared: including preventive maintenance to get a better grip on assets.

Results with Ultimo so far:

  • All information saved in one system, for multidisciplinary use.
  • Simplified collaboration with external suppliers.
  • Harmonious collaboration between Purchase and Technical Service.
  • Complete inventory management thanks to the interphase with Opal barcode stock control systems.
“Ultimo is a great match with our requirements. A Maintenance system that is both intuitive and easily adaptable.”
Mario Maatman
Van Merksteijn International

Recent cases

Broshuis B.V.
  • A savings of at least 1 FTE in time thanks to Ultimo.
  • Accelerating quality checks of > 1,500 assets with 60% to 70% time savings.
  • Ultimo Premium has brought the technical department, Improvement Team and the SHEQ department even closer together.
  • Overall quality and safety improvement.
Contains video
BEAT Cycling Club
  • Control over equipment through cataloguing
  • Supporting sustainable material decisions
  • Ability to forecast equipment needs
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