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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

In addition to developing, selling, and supporting business software that helps users increase their organization’s sustainability, we take responsibility for the effect our business has on people and the environment.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Aiming for the best balance

With every decision we make, we aim for the best balance of economic, ecological and social values. In the way we work, including our recruitment and onboarding processes, we pay a lot of attention to gender and diversity inclusion, and to our Core Values of Cooperation and Respectfulness. We have also carefully defined our Compensation and Benefits Policy and aligned our guidelines with our Core Values. Employee wellbeing and mental health are priorities for our organization. Our absenteeism rate reduced to 1,95% in 2021 (-1,65%).

Ultimo and MVO

We work closely with Ultimo Ambassadors, a group of Ultimo employees coming from all departments and regions, to create a positive working environment. A good example is the introduction of remote and hybrid working, which has significantly contributed to staff retention and satisfaction. It has also enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint. To further optimize our sustainability efforts, we invested in our HQ Office to ensure it retains its Energy Class A rating.

Recently Ultimo Software Solutions became a founding partner of WoodYouCare. As part of this partnership, WoodYouCare planted about 3,000 trees in India and Indonesia on behalf of Ultimo.

Pay the highest attention to data security

We chose Microsoft Azure as our cloud platform. A recent study finds that the Microsoft cloud is 93 percent more energy-efficient and 98 percent more carbon-efficient than on-premises solutions. Microsoft is planning to shift to a 100 percent supply of renewable energy by 2025 and takes action to remove more carbon than they emit by 2030. Of course, we pay the highest attention to data security for our customers and ourselves, which is underlined by our ISO certificates 27001 and 9001.

Comply with laws

We ensure to comply with the local laws, like the Modern Slavery act. With respect to the supply chain we do business with reputable parties and we have proper contracts in place for our channel partners.

Several charity projects

We support the Dutch charity Gered Gereedschap (Saved Tools) with an ongoing financial contribution. Currently, our donations go towards the Pioneer Technical Institute, a long-term project in Uganda delivering refurbished tools and machines for use in education. Ewout Noordermeer, CMO, said: “Our mission is to make customers more productive, safer, and happier, helping them to do their jobs with a smile on their faces. In a way, this also applies to Gered Gereedschap. We help people in developing countries by providing them with well-functioning quality tools that will help them build an independent livelihood and a prospect of a happy future. That is something we are very happy to contribute to.”

Next to that, we fund charity projects suggested by employees, in cooperation with the Ultimo Ambassadors. In 2021, we also donated to the UNICEF Plastic Bricks project in Côte d’Ivoire. The country has a serious waste problem: every day, over 288,000 kilos of plastic from Abidjan, the largest city, end up in landfills and dumps in the surrounding poorer communities. Only 5% of this plastic is sold for recycling. At the same time, 1.6 million children in the country can’t go to school, partly due to the lack of available classrooms. With the Plastic Bricks project, UNICEF targets this problem by recycling the plastic from landfills into building materials for classrooms.



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