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Integral & Innovative: Rova's use of Ultimo

Increasing the quality and sustainability of the environment. This is the aim of waste management company ROVA. To reach ROVA’s goal, they will first have to maximise their own quality and sustainability. This starts with process optimisation. This is why ROVA uses Ultimo to support the processes surrounding their Asset and Fleet Management.

Support as many processes as possible in full

That is ROVA’s IT philosophy. Before ROVA purchased Ultimo, they supported every one of their processes differently, using everything from Excel sheets to e-mail workflows. ‘There was hardly any structure to be found and from a management perspective we wanted to offer the end users more support. Besides, there were significant efficiency gains to be made.’What IT philosophy did ROVA introduce? Have innovative applications support as many essential processes as possible. ‘Ultimo meets our IT philosophy. The implementation of Ultimo allows our employees to do their jobs in just one application.’

'An innovative system that supports our asset and fleet management processes completely, that is what Ultimo is.'

  • Optimalisert vedlikeholdsstyring.
  • Pålitelig support med personlig kontakt.
  • Forbedret kostnadskontroll.
Ultimo bij de NS: het beheer vereenvoudigen met Ultimo in de Cloud
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Architecture vision NS: Cloud
  • Always up to date (cyber security + usability)
  • Simplify management stack
  • Relatively easy migration (no new product, only an upgrade)
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