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Factory maintenance optimised with multidisciplinary information management

The execution of proper maintenance on over 800 process functions and more than 6,000 instruments. And on top of that meeting important laws and regulations. This is the daily challenge of BASF Netherlands – Part of the BASF Group – which is one of the largest chemical firms in the world. A challenge the company has been tackling with the Ultimo Maintenance Management Software since 2002. Maintenance Manager René Baron explains how he manages to continously improve the factory maintenance.

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Ultimo Maintenance Management

BASF’s own technical service consisting of six employees takes care of all the maintenance in the factory and is supported by Ultimo. Maintenance activities — either corrective or preventive — are all planned and managed in Ultimo. But it is more than just that. BASF also has to comply with increasingly strict laws and regulations such as the NEN 3140, CPR (Dutch Disaster Prevention
Commission), BRZO (Dutch Major Accidents Decree), ATEX 95 and 137 (regarding explosion safety), the Environmental Management Act and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard. To do so, BASF gets regular visits from inspectors who maintain these laws and regulations.

Ultimo Maintenance Management software makes:

  • compliance easier to prove;
  • all information easily found in one central place for multidisciplinary use;
  • collaboration with others simpler.
“The investment of the software was recouped within two years.”
René Baron

Recent cases

Erasmus MC
  • An external audit, by the IGJ or certifying bodies, can demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Medical Technology Covenant.
  • Annual savings of 130 to 160 man hours.
  • No more double entry of maintenance and test data.
  • Maintenance work can no longer be forgotten with active notifications to Logic Medical’s medical technicians.
Bristol Port Company
  • A future-proofed, integrated & centralized EAM system
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety
  • Better visualization of (non-)hazardous work
  • Complete control over the data collected, enabling better business decisions
  • Ability to customize and configure Ultimo following continuous improvement initiatives
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