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Smart Integrations

Ultimo offers the option for seamless integrations with other applications. Thanks to a modern integration platform, certified standard interfaces and ready-for-use connectors, you receive or send the right data at the right time, and with the right quality. Ultimo integrations are easy to realize, robust and maintainable. With smart integrations, you reduce manual input, guarantee the integrity of data and your decisions are based on current information.

Different integration options

In our product varieties, we offer various integration options. Ultimo Essentials offers, like the other varieties, default integrated e-mail communication. Starting from Ultimo Professional, you can use various default integrations, including customer-specific ones. In Ultimo Professional, we use Ultimo REST API with which it is possible to request data from Ultimo. In addition, it is possible to realize batch imports and exports by using default Ultimo Business Integration (BI) connectors.

If you need more complex interfacing, with which customer-specific actions need to be triggered, for example, you will have everything you need with Ultimo Premium. In Ultimo Premium and Enterprise, it is possible to configure more specific workflows for integrations. This makes it possible to trigger actions in Ultimo using REST API or to trigger interfaces after executing an action in Ultimo. It is also possible to realize more specific batch import and export interfaces with other parties through the available UBI connectors.

Very extensive experience

We have very extensive experience with realizing and maintaining interfaces ranging from ERP and GIS to external data sources, IoT platforms and Augmented Reality. Have a look at our partner page for more inspiration and have one or of experts recommend you the best solution for you.

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