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Wielemaker in Middelburg has been active in waste collection and transport for more than a hundred years. Up to about five years ago, their fleet management was done manually. Now they use the Ultimo EAM-platform!


Ultimo at Wielemaker: working with hard figures

However, with 160 rolling stock units and over 3000 containers, this was no longer manageable, according to Jasper Wielemaker. “A fleet management system was too narrow for us. Most companies only use that kind of system to manage vehicle-related matters such as repairs, maintenance and refuelling registration. I wanted something broader; registering all activities per object and showing the total cost of ownership (TCO). And that takes you to the world of the asset management systems.”

A friend who works with Ultimo at the UMC Amsterdam told Wielemaker about their positive experience with the Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management suite. “I initially thought you couldn’t compare a hospital to what we do. But they explained that it doesn’t matter what objects you want to manage.”

“I wanted something broader than a fleet management system: registering all activities per object and showing the total cost of ownership. We used to do a lot based on our gut feeling, but we now work with hard figures,” explains Jasper Wielemaker, CEO of Wielemaker.

Challenges the company faced:

  • Making the total cost of ownership transparent per object.
  • Linking platforms such as ERP, transport planning and onboard computers.
  • A package supporting the professionalisation goals of the organisation.

Results Wielemaker achieved:

  • Significantly increased use of the fleet.
  • Manage based on costs instead of a gut feeling.
  • Using automation to work faster and better.
"We used to do a lot on the basis of our gut feeling, but we now work with hard figures."
Jasper Wielemaker

Recent cases

Erasmus MC
  • An external audit, by the IGJ or certifying bodies, can demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Medical Technology Covenant.
  • Annual savings of 130 to 160 man hours.
  • No more double entry of maintenance and test data.
  • Maintenance work can no longer be forgotten with active notifications to Logic Medical’s medical technicians.
Bristol Port Company
  • A future-proofed, integrated & centralized EAM system
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety
  • Better visualization of (non-)hazardous work
  • Complete control over the data collected, enabling better business decisions
  • Ability to customize and configure Ultimo following continuous improvement initiatives
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