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It has become part of the furniture.

Solidus Solutions is THE expert in the field of solid board. The Dutch company has a tight grip on the production process; from the production of board up to the packaging. Packaging with such a strong type of board is often used for perishables like fish, meat and vegetables. And Ultimo is in this together with Solidus.

Key role in maintenance and safety

Ultimo is the common thread in Solidus and used for optimum efficiency. First of all the software is crucial for maintenance and safety processes. All EHS incidents are registered in the software to make sure they are processed and improvements are implemented and safety increases. Because the maintenance processes are also integrally managed in the system, Solidus Solutions profits from optimal efficiency.

Obtained results so far:

  • Optimal efficiency because of integration EHS & maintenance.
  • Understanding dangerous situations and follow-up.
  • Perfect coordination of maintenance activities.
“This is very efficient because data do not need to be entered multiple times in different systems. This really stimulates collaboration between production and technical service.”
Meinhard van der Laan
Solidus Solutions

Recent cases

  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
Arteco Total Belgium
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
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