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Why the EAM Maturity Quick Scan?

As IFS Ultimo, we want our customers to be able to get the highest value from their assets using our software. With the EAM Maturity Quick Scan, we can rapidly identify where the bottlenecks are, where efficiency can be improved and how our software can help you grow in Asset Management maturity.

EAM Maturity Model

IFS Ultimo’s EAM Maturity Model is a step-by-step plan to achieve higher levels of EAM maturity. An organisation can use the model as a tool to identify its current stage in the maturity model and determine its future objectives. Moreover, it helps asset managers in their efforts to gain internal support.

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With the knowledge provided by this maturity model, an asset manager can, for example, present a clear roadmap to the board, outlining the current stage, desired goals and budget allocations needed for progress.


Fast and valuable insights

By investing just one day in our EAM Maturity Quick Scan, you will gain valuable insights that will help give you direction on how to take your asset management forward. Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, or improve compliance, this scan is your shortcut to success.

You can now easily purchase the EAM Maturity Quick Scan yourself in the new webshop in our customer portal.

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