With four cardboard factories and five additional converter locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Solidus Solutions is the largest integrated corporation in the field of solid board. Contrary to other manufacturers of solid board, Solidus delivers a complete concept; they don’t just manufacture the cardboard, they also process it into a packaging product at their converter locations. In doing so, they set themselves apart in the market.

Efficient maintenance processes

To guarantee the production capacity it is important that their machinery is maintained properly. Solidus Solutions has been using our Maintenance Management software for a long time. The complete work order management of the technical service (reporting, preparing, and processing) has been included in the software. In addition to work order management, all periodical maintenance schedules are managed in Ultimo, allowing the production process to be perfectly adjusted to the periodical maintenance activities.

Maintenance & Safety integration

These are not the only aspects that Solidus Solutions controls. The organisation has been able to integrate the Maintenance and Safety processes. Safety has always been an important topic within the organisation. First and foremost, their focus is of course on offering employees a safe workplace, but safety is also of great importance to legislation and regulation. On top of that, safety incidents cause (unplanned) downtime in the machinery, preventing them from achieving the optimum uptime. So there was more than one reason for Solidus to prioritise the registration of Environment, Health, and Safety incidents.

Because maintenance processes are safeguarded in the maintenance management package Solidus profits from the integration between maintenance and EHS. It often happens that mechanics are confronted with an EHS situation while performing their maintenance tasks. In such a case, ‘Safety’ can be ticked on a work order.

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