More ease of use in the integrated mobile Ultimo app

We’ve had the Ultimo mobile solution available for Android and iOS devices for several years. To improve the user experience and to make the Ultimo GO+ future-ready, we have updated the app with modern technologies. Investing in further developments of our mobile solution is and will remain one of our priorities. The most important functional optimisations we realized this time are focused on usability and working offline.

Improved user experience

We have implemented the following improvements to the user experience: navigation is faster and more intuitive, scrolling through long or endless lists is now possible, the swipe actions have been improved, searching is now more accessible and the QR scanning functionality has been expanded. All optimisations that increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Major optimisations for working offline

Although the internet coverage keeps improving, there will still be spots where you won’t be connected to the internet. In that case, you would want to save your work to execute offline. To simplify that process, the following optimisations were implemented:

  • It is now easier to save one record or an entire list offline. The offline overview shows you all offline activities and assets at a glance.
  • Not sure you are working with up-to-date data? Don’t worry: the app shows you when it was last synchronised.
  • Actions to synchronise data or to delete data saved offline are easily accessible with clear icons at the top of the screen.
  • It is now clearly visible at the top of your screen that you are working offline.
  • A visual notification (red circle) indicating that there are activities waiting for synchronisation is shown until you are back online. The visual notification disappears after synchronising.
  • When you get back online, automatic synchronisation makes sure all activities are processed so you can continue working without issues.

Practical notifications

Finally, we want to introduce you to the toast messages: short notifications informing you that an action has been performed. These notifications are used in various places throughout the app so you can be sure your action has been performed.

More information

If you already use the Ultimo GO+, you don’t have to do anything. After updating, these optimisation will automatically become available in your app. If you want more information about the options of our mobile applications, please contact us on

Rewatch webinar

Recently we hosted a webinar about all improvements in the Ultimo GO+ app. Rewatch the webinar here for a complete overview and a clear visual explanation.

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