This is why we would love to show you the top 5 gadgets that make life as a maintenance manager so much easier. Gadgets that will suit you and your organisation and help you perform even better.

1. The smartphone

Thanks to the many options on a smartphone you no longer need most of the other stuff. Smartphones are so much more than just a phone. They give access to your e-mail. And they can be used when you notice a failure or near-failure, or near-miss accidents. The camera helps you record it. The many apps you can buy ensure that there is always a mobile solution for systems that used to be accessible by computer only. It is stating the obvious, but the smartphone is our number 1! Just bring your office with you!

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) ensures that technical employees always have the correct information at their disposal. A virtual projection of reality, for example, can be used to explain all the parts of an installation. AR can also be used to give extensive step-by-step work instructions. For example lubricating parts of an installation. This way, less experienced employees can still carry out complex maintenance activities. And if this proves too difficult for the engineer, the help desk at the main office can watch in real-life and give instructions. AR can be shown on a tablet or viewed with AR glasses.  

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the presentation of equipment in a virtual reality. Approaching  an operational machine is not a problem in virtual reality. This helps you understand how the machine and its different parts operate. Use VR to improve safety. In VR, technical employees are quickly familiarised with new techniques without having to be physically near an inactive machine. With VR it is also possible to see how new machines will fit into a production line and whether enough room is left, for example, to still walk past the machines.  

4. 3D-printing

With a 3D printer the maintenance manager can print small parts. When a temporary part is needed for an emergency repair, for example. Parts are usually printed in plastic but metal parts are also possible. The advantage of a 3D printer is that parts are easy to come by. You can avoid long delivery times Also, you do not need to have large stocks of everything.

5. Drones

Drones are tools for the maintenance manager which he can use to perform inspections at heights, over long distances or in dangerous areas, for example. Thanks to drones with camera, inspections and pre-inspections have become much easier. The information they gather can be used to decide on the deployment of engineers. Drones can be equipped with regular cameras but also with infrared cameras, image sensors and thermometers.

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Jeremiah Woodford VP Sales Americas

What technologies do you use for your organisation? And do you use all the options?