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We offer you a subscription plan that meets your needs and budget. With predefined industry solutions, we guarantee a best-practice solution for your industry. Out-of-the-Box and at the same time extremely flexible. Experience an unmatched TCO through short implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

/month/full user
For small organisations that want to take successful first steps in digitising Asset Management, streamlining work processes and implementing improvements in the organisation.
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  • Starting at 5 users
  • Flexibility level 'Standard'
  • Storage starting at 5GB
  • 2 days remote implementation
  • Start-up assistance through Customer Success
  • Standard support

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/month/full user
For medium-sized organisations that want to benefit from a complete out-of-the-box solution for EAM. Industry solutions for Technical Asset Management and Medical Asset Management available.
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  • Starting at 5 users
  • Flexibility level 'Standard'
  • Storage starting at 10GB
  • 6,5 - 8,5 days implementation
  • Start-up assistance through Customer Success
  • Standard support

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For large organisations that want to have all the possibilities of the complete platform at their disposal and gain maximum benefit from Ultimo. No more options, but everything included and complete!
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  • Starting at 50 users
  • Flexibility level 'Supreme'
  • Storage starting at 100GB
  • We make a personalised estimate for the required implementation time
  • Start-up assistance
  • Platinum 24-7 support for the best possible support

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Supremely flexible
All types of assets
Unmatched TCO
Essentials Professional Premium Enterprise

Frequently asked questions

A ‘named user’ is an individual with their own unique identity for certain access and user rights in Ultimo. Access can be obtained for multiple devices, but only to one device at a time.

Starting at Professional, it is possible to choose more than one Industry Solution. The price per user remains the same, regardless of the number of Industry Solutions you chose.

Always access to Ultimo, no matter where you are. So no more having to return to your workstation if you have to register something. Or need information. Realise such efficiency with our carefully developed app Ultimo GO. It really saves you time! Ultimo software automatically includes the Ultimo GO. For the mobile offline mode, an optional version of the app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Read more >>

To support you with Business Information, Ultimo offers output for any situation. For strategic and tactical issues, Ultimo offers a powerful Microsoft BI integration. Ultimo also offers an ample set of standard reports and an easy-to-use reporting tool for end users. Download whitepaper >>

User-friendly and clear planning of your activities is very important and may be one of the most important reasons to use EAM software. Ultimo offers a wide range of planning options for both the short term (Periodical Maintenance Planner, Job Planner, Selection List, Kanban) and the long term (Forecast, Asset Planner, Stop Planner) that are very well suited for side-by-side use. In addition to multiple work planners, the software also offers financial planners. Visualise you work and make you work more efficient.

All product versions can be used in a multiple-company structure. All product versions have the option to support multiple languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish). Premium and Enterprise also have the options for multicurrency and multi time zone.

Ultimo offers the option for seamless integrations with other applications. Thanks to a modern integration platform, certified standard interfaces and ready-for-use connectors, you receive or send the right data at the right time, and with the right quality. Ultimo integrations are easy to realise, robust and maintainable. With smart integrations, you reduce manual input, guarantee the integrity of data and your decisions are based on current information.

In our product varieties, we offer various integration options. Ultimo Essentials offers, like the other varieties, default integrated e-mail communication. Starting from Ultimo Professional, you can use various default integrations, including customer-specific ones. In Ultimo Professional, we use Ultimo REST API with which it possible to request data from Ultimo. In addition, it is possible to realise batch imports and exports by using default Ultimo Business Integration (BI) connectors.

If you need more complex interfacing, with which customer-specific actions need to be triggered for example, you will have everything you need with Ultimo Premium. In Ultimo Premium and Enterprise, it is possible to configure more specific workflows for integrations. This makes it possible to trigger actions in Ultimo using REST API or to trigger interfaces after executing an action in Ultimo. It is also possible to realise more specific batch import and export interfaces with other parties through the available UBI connectors.

We have very extensive experience with realising and maintaining interfaces ranging from ERP and GIS to external data sources, IoT platforms and Augmented Reality. Have a look at our partner page for more inspiration and have one or of experts recommend you the best solution for you.

With our 30+ years of experience, we have been able to develop high-quality out-of-the-box software. Over these years, we have also learned the power of flexibility. Being able to customise the standard software to your company processes just little bit better. That’s where Ultimo shines.

Our software default includes the Ultimo Customization Tool, with which a trained application manager can positively influence the user experience, the hands-on tool time and the reliability of management information. All the while still offering you the benefits of new software releases.

In our product offer, we distinguish between two flexibility levels. In Ultimo Essentials and Ultimo Professional, we offer the flexibility level ‘Standard’. With this level you can already implement many convenient changes in the software. But with the options flexibility level ‘Supreme’ offers, you have an even bigger range of possibilities at your disposal.

Read the attached whitepaper for more information about the differences between the levels. Download the whitepaper >>!

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