Supremely flexible
Covers all types of assets
Unmatched ROI

Why Ultimo?

You like no other knows that the right application of asset management and good collaboration between Maintenance, Safety and Operations can increase the value of your assets and help you achieve your objectives. And you also know there really is only one EAM software platform for the job. The number 1 flexible EAM cloud platform Ultimo. All advantages listed.

Flexible. And out-of-the-box.

We have been saying that it is possible for years. Powerful out-of-the-box software with predefined industry solutions. High-end software that is also flexible and can be adjusted to your preferences. You, our user, was and still is our greatest source of inspiration for the development of software that combines these two extremes. Our innovative strength of about thirty years ago made it our philosophy. And now with our world-class technology, we continue to prove it.

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Effectively monitor performance

End users quickly retrieve operational information using a simple reporting tool. Various standard reports are available for tactical and strategic issues. Many dashboards have been compiled that provide management information about open and executed activities, corrective and preventive maintenance, costs, and budgets. The dashboards show trends and root causes. The number of dashboards will be expanded gradually.

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Unparalleled Return on Investment

Ultimo's EAM platform gives you the certainty of a flexible Asset Management system. A system that can grow with your organisation and your needs. All in line with the size, maturity and budget of your organisation. It provides you with the certainty of a fitting solution in every situation. With many default functionalities. Based on world-class technology, Ultimo can be seamlessly integrated with other applications. Step-by-step if you want.

Optimal planning

User-friendly and clear planning of your activities is very important and may be one of the most important reasons to use EAM software. Ultimo offers a wide range of planning options for both the short term and the long term that are very well suited for side-by-side use. In addition to multiple work planners, the software also offers financial planners. Visualise you work and make you work more efficient.

From mobile to desktop

What if you would be able to access Ultimo EAM easily on any device? Would this result in a higher hands-on tool time? Yes. And would this also benefit the reliability of the management information? Yes. Even more real time because you can enter or consult data easily at the right time? Yes. Exactly. That's why our user-friendly platform can be used on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Link with smart innovations

Ultimo has default certified links, like with SAP and AFAS, and realises robust and maintainable customer-specific links. Data-Driven Decision-Making is the biggest game-changer in Asset Management. So, Ultimo provides you with the seamless integrations with practically every application. Whether it is Asset Performance Management, IoT/OT, Augmented Reality, Drone Inspections, Document Management, ERP, HR, CAD, BIM or GIS, Ultimo links with it. Live-link your assets and facilities.

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Be inspired!

The number of customer we help optimise their hands-on tool time, maximise the performance of their assets and guarantee health and safety has now passed the 2000 mark. Be inspired by our customers and use the selector below to find a relevant customer case. You could also choose a description of the applications of Ultimo for your sector or zoom in on specific processes.

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