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IT Service Management Software

The IT environment of your organisation is very valuable. ITSM software immediately provides you with more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to properly adjust your IT policy.

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With IT Service Management software you can profit from

  1. Overview and efficiency when processing incidents and service requests.
  2. Comply with and register Service Level Agreements.
  3. Cost control.
  4. A higher availability of your IT assets.
IT Service Management Software

Your strictly controlled IT environment

The IT environment of your organisation is very valuable. ITSM software immediately provides you with more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to properly adjust your IT policy. For example to improve quality or to control costs. Also staff working in the IT department or at the helpdesk experience a better structure and greater convenience with software for IT Service Management when you are dealing with reported incidents or calls. Where do you see possibilities to improve? Ask us. There is a reason we call ourselves process specialists.

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The ITSM software is based on the most common ITIL principles; at the same time you can also use the ISM/FSM methods as the basis for your Ultimo IT Service Management. This means you are using software that reflects the practice and with which management of known errors and problems and the implementation of changes in the IT environment runs smoothly and effectively. ITSM software also provides support for the management of contracts, Service Level Agreements, Request Fulfilments, depreciations and replacements, stock management and purchase of IT assets. See vital signs. Take vital action.

Highest level of security

IT Service Management software summarised

  • More structure and ease in processing incidents
  • Use the Service Requests module of the ITSM software to easily distinguish between service requests and incidents
  • Fix structural incidents with the Problem Management module
  • Record all relevant information about your configurations and configuration items
  • Use the knowledge tree integration with the built-up knowledge base for your help desk/Self-Service portal and speed up the processing of incidents
  • Quick insight and/or thorough analyses with extensive dashboards or reports and Business Intelligence options in the IT Service Management software
  • Select and filter data for an Excel export so you can further edit and present these data
  • Save considerably on costs with insight into terms and cancellation periods of contracts
  • Lift your IT organisation’s service to a higher level by recording and safeguarding service agreements in the IT Service Management software
  • Benefit from lower management costs by independently managing and fine tuning the application
  • Increase efficiency and lower the administrative burden with the many options of the ITSM software to integrate with other business software

IT Service Management software part of the Ultimo EAM platform

The IT Service Management software is part of the broad Ultimo EAM platform. With the number 1 flexible Ultimo EAM platform you have a complete platform to support all of your valuable assets and the corresponding processes in your organisation. In addition to modules, features and specific industry solutions, our solutions in terms of business information and integrations complete that support.

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We offer a subscription plan that meets your needs. With predefined industry solutions, we guarantee a best-practice solution for your industry. Out-of-the-Box, yet extremely flexible. Experience an unmatched ROI through quick implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

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For organisations that want to benefit from a complete out-of-the-box solution for EAM. Industry-specific solutions for Technical Asset Management and Medical Asset Management are also available.
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For large organisations that want to have the complete platform at their disposal to leverage the maximum benefits from Ultimo. No compromises, everything included and complete!
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