The Ultimo Academy supports you. The user that just began using Ultimo as well as the advanced user. Appropriate support like training courses. We would love to receive you in one of our class rooms. Or we could come to you for a group session or work place training. The introduction of e-learning also offers you the option to take one of our training courses when and where you want to. Everything is governed by ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’.


Variation and depth

Our training offer consists of basic training courses, module training courses and application management training courses.

The basic courses are suitable for and are recommended to all users and application managers to acquire basic knowledge and knowledge of the different possibilities of the software. Module training courses in particular are meant for users and application managers to acquire knowledge about a specific module. These courses can also be taken to decide whether or not to use a module. And finally, application management courses are meant to acquire profound knowledge about our application and about how to generate reports.


Rather take a course at your own speed? Where and when you want? Do you want to prevent many people involved in daily operations to be out of action at the same time because they are attending regular group courses? Then you will be interested in our offer of e-learning. E-learning is the ideal way for your organisation to make larger groups of users acquainted with Ultimo. This will positively impact effectiveness and job satisfaction. Our introductory course is Ultimo Basic Use. Further courses can be expected shortly.

Ultimo Basic Use explains the basic principles of Ultimo in an average time of 2 hours. Learn how to navigate, record and manage data, search for and filter information and how to use overviews and reports.

Interested in e-learning?

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Our training courses score an average of 8.4.
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