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The Ultimo software has a certified interface with the SAP® ERP software. The interface has been officially approved to operate with SAP version 6.0. The assessment and certification has been performed by the SAP ICC (SAP Integration and Certification Centre) and this has proven that data can be exchanged successfully between both systems.


The best of multiple disciplines in one solution

SAP is a widely used ERP system, and the market and our customers have expressed a need for the certified standard interface between both systems. This is how we combine the best of multiple disciplines in one solution. This is why our software has added value for its users.

Think of:

  • Real-time exchange of information in terms of stock management and purchase.
  • Import of supplier and article information from SAP into Ultimo.
  • Export of order requests from Ultimo to SAP.
  • Both the import and the export of orders, receipts and invoices are possible to both systems.

Frequently asked questions about the SAP-Ultimo interface

1. How many years of experience does Ultimo have with linking with SAP?

We have more than 10 years of experience with creating interfaces with SAP.

2. Is it possible to deviate from the interfaces above?

Yes, it is. It is important that the process is clearly delineated in a workshop.

3. Is it possible to link with other SAP modules?

Yes, this is possible. It is important that the process is clearly delineated in a workshop.

4. What expertise is required from the client?

Both Ultimo expertise and SAP expertise are required to realise an interface. The client is responsible for the availability of the correct SAP expertise. After all, no two SAP systems are the same.

5. What technology is the interface based on?

The certified interface works with the IDoc technology. Other technologies are also possible and have been realised before.

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