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Are you familiar with tools like Trello? Ultimo also offers the facility of Kanban boards. They allow you to prioritise work in an easy manner, change the status or assign the work to an employee.


Visualise your process

Visualise the work that has to be performed using Kanban boards. You can, for instance, make a Kanban board that shows the status of the work per team. Different activities can be dragged within a status to determine priority. Cards can also be dragged to another column, to show a change in status. Of course it is also possible to assign activities in the board to employees.

So how does the Kanban module make your life easier?

  • Efficient way to manage your process.
  • Visual tool to schedule work.
  • Easy tool for meetings.

Use Kanban for your safety processes as well.

Kanban boards are also available for a number of HSE processes, for instance to illustrate on-going modifications, the HSE incidents that are being processed and to support the Shift Handover module.

Kanban Cases

Total Ertvelde
  • Smart integration of Maintenance, HSE & ERP
  • One system for maintenance & safety
  • Easier to meet the laws and regulations
  • Integrated approach of asset & fleet management
  • Further improved structure
  • End users have a ready-made solution
  • Fits in perfectly with the organisation’s sustainability policy
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