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Fleet Management

How do you record important information of your fleet, equipment and other means of transportation? And how do you monitor all processes surrounding these assets? Use the Fleet Management module to record all this information. So you know how you can optimise your processes.


More control of the availability of your fleet

With this module you manage all imaginable means of transportation like fleets, towing vehicles, pool cars and lease cars. Also link relevant information like organisational and technical information, registration numbers and images. Documents and contracts, including service contracts. Maintenance history and faults. Do you use an onboard computer? Then you can simply import the mileage and defects via an interface in Ultimo. This means you can now always act properly. And make decisions based on the most recent information.

What does the Fleet Management module offer you?

  • Well-ordered management of your fleet; the basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation.
  • All relevant information recorded on your fleet.
  • Control of the availability of your fleet.
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