Document Management System (DMS)

Are you using a Document Management System (DMS)? Then an Ultimo interface will make your work a lot easier and help you save time. Because with an interface you are always using the correct version of your documents, and it means they are all stored in one location.

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All relevant documents in one source

You can link your assets in Ultimo to all of your relevant documents. Think of manuals, CAD drawings or safety regulations for instance. If you are already working with a DMS, it will probably already contain these documents. Realising an interface between your DMS and Ultimo makes all linked documents visible per asset.

All advantages in a row:

  • Central management of all documents.
  • Always work with the correct version.
  • Different disciplines (maintenance, engineering, etc.) all work with the same information.
  • More structure so responsibilities are clearer.

Document Management System (DMS) Cases

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