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Area Management

Create a comprehensive breakdown of your area. And build your own specific area from a generic database. Gain insight into your objects and waterways/roads. Into your elements and building sections And visualise your area information.


Understanding and control of your area

To increase your understanding of your own area, you use various explorers or ArcGIS for the complete visualisation of your area information. You can also register relevant information in the database. Including organisational and technical information. Warranties and maintenance history. Periodical maintenance models, documentation, inspections, condition assessments. And the list continues. With all the necessary information you want to record.

So what do you get out of the Area Management module?

  • Well-ordered management of your area. The basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation.
  • Guaranteeing all relevant information about your area by recording it comprehensively.
  • Discovering new insights by visualising your area information.

You can also choose to integrate Ultimo with an inspection tool and/or an FMECA tool. Tools with which you can easily exchange a decomposition. To then update the data. Because of this integration, your decisions are always based on the most recent information.

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