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EAM vs CMMS: what are the differences?

CMMS systems have been around for decades. With CMMS software, information about a company’s maintenance activities on its assets is recorded. In comparison with CMMS software, EAM software is newer. With Enterprise Asset Management software, the focus is on the maintenance of physical assets through its life cycle. EAM software is best suited to somewhat larger user groups and sometimes multiple sites or locations, which must be able to communicate well with each other. EAM and CMMS, you think it’s the same, but it’s more complicated. So, let’s focus on EAM vs CMMS.

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EAM vs CMMS: what are the differences?

What is CMMS software?

CMMS software or a Computerized maintenance management software, has been around for decades. A CMMS manages information about a company’s maintenance activities on its assets. In its current form, the solutions are powerful enough to offer periodic & preventative maintenance, asset management, possibly stock and spare parts management, and mobile functionality. CMMS software is designed to manage maintenance operations and are ideal for companies looking to manage work orders, spare parts, and equipment records in a simple way.

What is EAM software?

EAM software is the new kid on the block if stood next to CMMS, even though it is not new technology, and it sits in a mature market. EAM focuses on the maintenance of physical assets through the lifecycle of an asset. The main benefit is that true EAM relies on connectivity, which has emerged as a more powerful tool across business as technology has progressed. They are used in asset-intensive organisations. And designed for 100 or more users, often across multiple sites. Thissolutions allow you to manage all your physical assets across the enterprise within a unified, single source, connected solution. EAM systems offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to asset management, allowing you to track the entire asset lifecycle through to audit trails, fulfil safety management with compliance in mind, together with strong reporting & business intelligence capability.

What are the considerations when selecting CMMS or EAM?

There is a distinct line between when you should need a CMMS and when you should need a EAM system. Both can be scaled up, but versus a CMMS, an EAM can’t be scaled down. What is important for you and your business is to understand first, the vision for the next 5 – 10 years, it needs to involve input from different stakeholders and what they need or expect from their assets functionality and performance capabilities in the future. These can be driven by market conditions, capital investment opportunity, HSE compliance, and one of the most important factors which is often overlooked – knowledge retention.

EAM vs CMMS: When an EAM is preferred

A clear and obvious example that your business would want to invest in an EAM VS CMMS solution, is if it is asset intensive, you could have many production lines or own numerous operational equipment assets, fleet assets, medical technology assets, or structured building property facilities assets together with a desire to connect easily to ERP systems, HR systems and industry relevant performance applications would drive your choice to consider an EAM solution  As this gives you the power to manage all these within one solution and across multiple sites in multiple countries.

Why Ultimo EAM?

At Ultimo, we have a wealth of experience migrating legacy systems to our modern, innovative, and flexible EAM Cloud Platform. With Ultimo software, you have a future-proof system that goes further in support than a traditional CMMS system. We offer you:

  • Seamless integration with ERP, such as SAP, Infor, or Oracle, and all other relevant systems like your HR system.
  • A subscription plan to suit your unique needs and budget
  • Predefined industry solutions, guaranteeing a best-practice solution for your industry
  • An Out-of-the-Box, yet extremely flexible solution
  • Unmatched ROI
  • Quick implementations
  • Seamless integrations
  • Self-service application management

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We offer a subscription plan that meets your needs. With predefined industry solutions, we guarantee a best-practice solution for your industry. Out-of-the-Box, yet extremely flexible. Experience an unmatched ROI through quick implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

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For organisations that want to benefit from a complete out-of-the-box solution for EAM. Industry-specific solutions for Technical Asset Management and Medical Asset Management are also available.
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